A group of Rwandan women living in the German Diaspora on Thursday, March 4, 2021 handed over 9,000 Euros (Rwf9million) to Igisubizo-Gitara Cooperative that grows small live stock in Nyaruguru district to help them expand their business.
Igisubizo-Gitara Cooperative is located in Gitara village, Coko cell in Cyahinda Sector and is made of 90 households. Among the small livestock they grow include pigs, goats and chickens.

Small livestock business has driven rural development in Nyaruguru District where goats can help in combating poverty among the citizens and contribute to the expansion of agribusiness activities every year.
Beneficiaries of the current support appreciated it arguing that it will lighten their lives without depending on part time jobs to survive.
Marie Claire Dusabe, a mother of five children from Gitara village, Coko cell in Cyahinda Sector is among the beneficiaries of this cash donation. Speaking on behalf of the cooperative as the secretary, she said that they used to struggle in part time jobs to find money.

Marie Claire Dusabe, a beneficiary during the interview

“We appreciate this support; it will help us to buy more livestock and to cater for them. This support is significant to our lives and we pledge to use it properly.” She said.
Emmanuel Nzamurambaho, the president of Igisubizo-Gitara Cooperative said that this money will help them to graduate from poverty.


“I am very happy for this support, it will help us win the challenge of poverty, many of our cooperative members did not have small livestock and we will buy some for them.” Nzamurambaho noted.
The cooperative will assign a committee to buy and distribute small live stock to the beneficiaries as it was mentioned in the agreement between Rwandan women in German Diaspora and Igisubizo-Gitara Cooperative.

Beneficiaries signing agreement with Rwandan women in German Diaspora

Marie Mukangango, the representative of the group of Rwandan women living in the German Diaspora said that they decided to work together to plan for this activity in order to help their native country in development activities.
“Our embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINAFFET) gave us this project of small livestock farming in Nyaruguru and we chose to support it by giving 90 households a cash donation of 9million Euros. In our discussions with the Mayor of Nyaruguru District, he promised that this money will help the citizens from 90 households to graduate from poverty by increasing small livestock.” Mukangango said.

Marie Claire Dusabe and Emmanuel Nzamurambaho, the representatives of Igisubizo-Gitara Cooperative receiving a cheque of 9,000 Euros/All photos by Express News

She said that most of their activities as women in diaspora of German aim to give back to their mother country.
“Our message to other Rwandans living in Diasporas is not to forget their native country because our country’s development is also ours, we encourage them to be together, to know each other and collaborate to support the programs of our country.” she added.
Officials of Nyaruguru District said that this support will help the citizens to advance their development activities and thanked these women for a good heart of donating.

Mayor of Nyaruguru District Francois Habitegeko with Marie Mukangango, the representative of the group of Rwandan women living in the German Diaspora

In an interview with The Express News, the Mayor of Nyaruguru District Francois Habitegeko welcomed the initiative of Rwandan women in German Diaspora to think on Rwandans’ development. He said that this money will help to fast track the development of these citizens and some of them will manage to leave poverty line and reach to the advanced Ubudehe category.
He thanked Rwandans in Diaspora of a good heart to contribute to lift up their fellow Rwandans from poverty and called others to embrace similar initiatives instead of harassing their country and planning negative acts for Rwanda. He reminded everyone to continue complying with COVID-19 prevention measures.

Beneficiaries were sitting by respecting COVID-19 prevention measures.

It is not the first time Rwandan women in German Diaspora bring their support to Rwandans as in March 2019; they supported needy women in Kicukiro district to expand their business dreams where they were helped to learn tailoring. Read full stor here: Kicukiro : Women expand business dreams after the support from Rwandan women in Germany

In December 2019, they handed over a complete house to a poor woman in Nyabihu District.Read full story here:Mukamugema’s life changed after getting a house from Women Diaspora in Germany


Photo credit by The Express News

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