Providence Mukamugema praises the Rwandan diaspora in Germany for the donation of house which let her and her children to a continuous joy in Nyabihu District where she lives.

Mukamugema a mother of four children – two girls and two boys living in Rambura Sector, Nyabihu District, Western province explains her struggle when his husband died.

“Life has changed since the day I was granted with this house. I am a widow with four children. When my husband died, I lost hope thinking that I will not survive without the head of the household. I went back to my parent’s house, from Nyagatare where I had lived with my husband before he passed on. My father cared for me at the point that I continued my life journey but struggling.” She said

Mukamugema remembers how the joy started to appear in her face:

“One day a person called me and told me ‘go to the main road and meet people who need you’. I wondered who they were. When I go to the road, I saw a group of people by which I knew one who was the Mayor. They promised me to build a house for me, but I couldn’t believe it by then oh!”

Rwanda community living in Germany delegation with Nyabihu district team

“Afterwards they talked to my father and he oriented them to the plot where they would build the house. They promised me to have finished it in only one-month period.”

Mukamugema thanks the diaspora for the donation: “I thank the diaspora in Germany for having chosen me and gave me a house, which is a beautiful donation. May god bless you and always give you the heart of helping your compatriots living in Rwanda”

Mukamugema took time to express the way she and children are enjoying the home: “My kids are smiling and they study well because they know they have a comfortable home”

Mukamugema’s family

One child called Etienne had his say on the donation: “What made me happy is that we have our own house and sheep and goats”

The house donated to the family of Mukamugema has three rooms, and it is surrounded by kitchen and toilet house, whereby she says that it is totally different from where she had used to live before, where she had had to share rooms with goats in the same house.

Mukamugema says that she is about to start an advanced agriculture where she aims at having more crop and start cattle breeding.

Valentine Nikuze, Coordinator of National Women Council (NWC) in Nyabihu District said that the initiative is the most important as it helps government officials to continue addressing challenges related to poverty that vulnerable women face.

“We appreciate the gratitude of Rwandan Women from German to help Providence, we were surprised and happy to welcome this support. We know that they achieved the same activity at many other places before. we encourage Rwandan women in German to continue supporting their people in Rwanda because we still have women who are surviving under poor conditions,”

Video:Mukamugema’s life changed after getting a house from Women Diaspora in Germany

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