Kicukiro: women who were supported to learn tailoring lack capacity to buy machines

Recently in March 2019, Rwandan women who were undergoing the needy life situation got material support including Tailoring machines from women in Germany Diaspora.

The community of Rwanda’s women in Germany supported these women in Rwanda to contribute to the development and resilience of the country.

Epiphanie Nyiraseka, the mother of three children is among the beneficiaries. She was assisted to learn tailoring and is now a tailor who is striving for a decent life in this business.

Epiphanie Nyiraseka
“I used to be busy on myself at home but now after joining tailoring school my dream is to be a business woman and I like working together with my colleagues. I recognize the efforts and good heart of women in German community who supported us, we will work hard to prove the results.” Nyiraseka said.

Monique Mukabugingo is a housemaid in Kigali. She was also thinking on how she could have practical skills and her dreams came true when women who live in German approached them.

Monique Mukabugingo stating in tailoring electronic machine

She said she gained a lot in learning tailoring as she can perform in making different styles of clothes.
“Ourselves could not manage to buy a tailoring machine, it is a good initiative of Rwandan women in German Community to give us this significant aid,” she said.

Alice Uwamahoro (photo The Express News )

Alice Uwamahoro, another young girl from Remera Sector, Gasabo District has joined the tailoring school a couple of days in October, 2019. She wishes to gain needed skills and be an entrepreneur.
“I thank these donors, it is a great job they did and I request them to continue with this heart. If possible they can give us more machines to enable us expand tailoring activities in workshops,” she said.

Console Uwangirigira from Kicukiro District is a mother of two Children who also joined the school in April, 2019. She was concentrated in learning the way long in six months.

Console Uwangirigira was finishing six months training and stating her business

“We learnt to make various products including clothes, bags, and more. We started from manure machines and later we applied electric ones. It is a good initiative to think about Rwandan women and we thank the Rwandan women in German community. We can request them to also think how they can further support us as we leave this tailoring school.” Uwangirigira said.

Mukamwiza Director of Kicukiro Women Training Center

Therese Mukamwiza is the Director of Kicukiro Women Training Center said that they helped youth and women to leave various lures including sexuality and street businesses.
The school started in 2014 with the aim to support needy women and youth.
“We only had manual machines and women in German Community gave us electronic ones. These machines enable users to make much money. We teach them in six months and give them a two-month internships then we recruit others. We wish to expand activities by increasing classrooms from 2 to 5. We also continue to follow on finalists, they have will to work but they lack capacity to buy electronic machines,” she said.
Rwandan Women in Germany contributed tailoring machines to this school with the value of Rwf3million.

Before tailoring there make design together

electronic tailoring machine training room

Some Products made by Kicukiro Women Training Center

Kindly read the Recently article in March 2019, when Rwandan women were undergoing the needy life situation got material support including Tailoring machines from women in Germany Diaspora.

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