President Emmerson Mnangagwa has met the Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board Clare Akamanzi which is in charge of fast tracking economic development in Rwanda by enabling the private sector.

It is responsible for business reforms to improve business climate, registering investments, packaging investment opportunities and marketing Rwanda as well advocating for the private sector.

Akamanzi was accompanied by operating officer Mr Emmanuel Hategeka.

The board has been instrumental in improving the ease of doing business in Rwanda.

Rwanda Development Board CEO Clare Akamanzi speaks to ZBC News in Kigali after meeting President Mnangagwa.

Rwanda currently ranks the second easiest place of doing business in Africa after Mauritius and 41st in the world according to the World Bank Doing Business Index.

It takes 6 hours to register a business in Rwanda and within 6 hours one has their registration certificate and it can be done online as well.

The board was established in 2008 by bringing together eight different institutions that affected business under one roof.

Mnangagwa, a protege of Mugabe, came to power in November after a de-facto military coup when the 93-year-old was forced to resign after the military confined him to his Harare mansion.

It was the culmination of a power struggle between Mnangagwa and former first lady Grace Mugabe, who was being groomed by her husband as his potential successor.

Now Mnangagwa, 75, is under pressure himself to deliver on the economy and show that he is breaking with the policies of Mugabe, whose 37-year rule since independence in 1980 turned a promising country into an economic basket case and international pariah as Reuters wrote.

The Express News


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