President Paul Kagame has said that history divided Africa and prevented it from being prosperous as it should have been.

Kagame was speaking today in the ‘Head of State Dialogue at the Africa Global Business Forum’ in Dubai

Moderated by John Defterios, a CNN journalist in the Middle East, the conversation with president Kagame focused on the Imperative of Regional Integration in Africa

“History divided the continent, and this prevented Africa to be as prosperous as it should have been, now people want to cooperate in doing business and we started seeing development” Kagame said.

Speaking about the equilibrium of governance, the head of state said that the balance is about what the people of any country want and feel about the outcome.

He said that even countries with old democracies still face challenges.

“Democracies will always be challenged what matters is looking at the overall level of progress” he said.

Speaking about Rwandans’ role in leadership, Kagame used himself as an example of how country’s leadership is founded on people’s choices.

“The people of Rwanda still call me President because in the end they are the ones who decide” he said.

Kagame was selected to participate in the dialogue as the president who championed for unity on African continent through different activities like opening borders for other foreigners in Rwanda and joining international communities.

The two-day Africa Global Business Forum was organized by the Dubai chamber. It is exploring the potential for leveraging technology to accelerate growth across Africa, discuss the power of the emerging private sector and identify the opportunities for financing and partnering with Africa’s most dynamic businesses.

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