The International Rwandan Youth for Development in partnership with Rwandan Ministry of Youth calls Rwandan youth in diaspora to attend the first International Youth Connekt summit which is scheduled in Milan, Italy.

The convention, termed ‘Globally Connecting Opportunities and the Next Generation of Leaders through Technology’, will take place from 9 to 11 May and will assemble Rwandan young generation from Europe, Canada, USA and other parts of the World.
The convention will feature interactive sessions, B2B sessions, exhibition and Gala dinner. Participants will also benefit from study visits that will take them across touristic sites and famous factories in the city.
The summit will work as ‘a networking and business opportunity for Rwandan youth’ who are driven by innovative mindset whether they own business or planning to establish them.
The Milan Convention is another indication which farther proves how vital the government of Rwanda treats its young generation. It is deserving however as the majority of its population are young people. For instance, almost 50% of the population is under the age of 20 years old.
In his remarks addressing the recent Youth Connekt summit, His excellency Paul Kagame reminded the youth that their country’s future lies merely in their hands and so asked them to use opportunities like education, security and development to build characters and values necessary to succeed in future.
“The future of our country is in your hands. We want to ensure that you have the tools to build this future.” He noted. “Everything we provide [as government] is aimed at giving you the skills you need to lead this country.” He added.
Rwandan youth in diaspora are now invited to apply for this unique opportunity which will involve constructive discussions, helpful networking and a bit of fun to those who cannot miss it.

Click here for Register to attend the Rwanda YouthConnekt Convention Europe

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