On the 1st round, in East African got talents, Jean Luc Shyaka, a competitor from Rwanda whom judges did not get convinced with his performance is the first to be evicted in the contest.

Jean Luc Shyaka was performing a sophisticated Ave Maria song Opera track. However, he failed to pull it out on the stage.

“You have that little thing. There is something out there. Your breathing was wrong, you broke your nose in half and we would notice this,” Vanesa Mdee, one of the judges, said while giving him a red mark.

All the three judges nodded against a competitor from Rwanda except Gaetano Kagwa, the former big brother Africa contestant.

“This young man from Rwanda to be able to do that,” Then the crowd cheered. “No one here has done opera but the young man has come up which means he is worthy of going to the next round,” Kagwa said.

Kagwa seemed to be impartial on the side of the Rwandan competitor, despite, a mock expression in his body language funnily trying to imitate the singer at the end of his statements.

The event took place on Sunday, 25th, August 2019 where passionate young talented men and women were showcasing their talents vying for selection of the next round.

The selection was human, emotional full of glamour and pomp. A Kenyan duo, yadda yadda who performed contemporary dance did it perfectly and stunned the audience. The whole crowd was in an emotional mood when the duo cried on the stage.

“Acquaintances come and go, real friendship is there no matter what you performed in that routine dance of yours. Not simply because of the performance but your emotions were so dramatic and powerful,” Gaetano Kagwa pinned.

The talents that were showcased was dance, singing and gymnastics as usual. The participants were engaged with the competitors from Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

However, two Rwandan contestants continued to another round including Jihad Niyonkuru and Elisha, the gift.

The Express News


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