The morning of Monday, March 25th seemed as all other usual mornings and Mr. Kabera Nzabarinze took his way to check on his cattle located near Gishwati forest. When he reached there, the scene was horribly different as 11 cows had been harshly slaughtered the night before and nine of the victims were in critical conditions that they can even die.

The terrible news spread rapidly and some Rwandans decided to react positively by helping Nzabarinze to find other cows. Instantly,

Group of Young Rwandans lead by Robert Cyubahiro and Edwin Musoni decided to raise at least $3,000, which will be ‘ directly given and used by Nzabarinze Family in order to buy new cows quickly.

A cow in Rwanda costs around $500

The fundraising is being conducted via, a global website that helps people to fund and donate.
The campaign successfully amassed $260 in one day which were contributed by four people. It is not clear if collected money will be given to Nzabarinze in parts or in full. The man lives in Western province, Nyabihu district and is married with two children.
After the incident, Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) started a serious investigation in order to find the people who have committed such crime and discovering their motives. The focus of the investigation is on shepherds and citizens in the area. The investigation is bearing fruits as 16 suspects have been already reported to Jomba Police station for questioning.
Moments before, during and after Memorial period are often characterized by irresponsible acts which mostly target Genocide’s survivors. Moreover, Nzabarinze himself is a Genocide survivor but there hasn’t been any official confirmation of the linkage between the incident and the Memorial period will start next month in Rwanda.

Nyabihu Mayor, Antoinette Mukandayisenga, didn’t take any angle about the causes of the crime, instead she attributed it to be published by RIB.
“No known reason that prompted these people to slaughter these cows. All are still under investigation.” She said.
The reports and more information are expected after RIB will have concluded their investigation which is under way at the moment.
Meanwhile, The POLICE and army forces had gathered a local meeting in order to discuss on the incident.

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