Owing to their willing to contribute in the development of the country, Rwandan Community living in Denmark preferred to support the health sector. They fundraised three million Rwandan Francs and to pay for medical insurance cards for 1000 people from Kayonza district.

Talking about this wholeheartedly action Jack Tutuba, acting Director of Rwanda Community Abroad RCA thanked Denmark community for implement, President Paul Kagame’s advice, mostly requesting them to be the first to build their country.
He said: “In Rwanda days, His Excellency Paul Kagame requests Rwandans living Abroad to be part of the development of their country. I thank you for your contribution, and this will enable beneficiaries (people of Kayonza) to get a quickest development since they are healthy and hopefully they won’t be helped anymore.”
The Treasure of RCA Denmark, Christina Kananura also insisted that, the reason behind of helping is not to make someone close the arms, rather to enable him/her to be the future helper. She has also applauded Rwandan good leadership which seeks equal development to all citizens.
The beneficiaries thanked the Rwandans living in Danmark and committed to work hard in order to make quickest progress since health barrier is wiped out.​

The Express News


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