Therese Mukamwiza, the headmistress of Kicukiro women training Centre appreciates the role of her fellow Rwandan women in diaspora who determinedly come and support women activities in Rwanda.

“We have appreciated the love these European women show us and this gives us strength as Rwandan women to work as they have encouraged us to have a passion of working and strive for our development. They have promised to stay in touch with us and support us in no matter way, which will boost the relationship in terms of bridging unemployment gap,”

She believes this collaboration will help to reduce unemployment among female graduates by supporting entrepreneurship ideas.

“We encourage other Rwandan women living abroad to come and visit Rwanda, share ideas with us and help us strive for our country’s development.

Goreth Uwamariya, the president of Bruxels Diaspora in Belgium said that their purpose of visit was to support women’s associations in Rwanda by thinking on various activities.

Goreth Uwamariya speaking with The Express News

“This is the third association we have visited, it is in line with supporting women after identifying potential associations to help, with different women activities, Kicukiro is the third association we managed to visit today, their activities interest us and they help to fast-track women development.
Some of them were Female Sex workers, others were street vendors, some of them have benefited from the support of diaspora women,” she said.

Uwamariya inspired to visit these women because she likes women who use their efforts to fight for development. She said she gained more efforts to think on self-reliance after she survived the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi that took away his husband. She is now re-married since 2009 and she said she did the best to study University and she paid school fees for her child.

“I learn from my experience and I found that women are able and can do everything to step up their development. I was fortunately elected to lead women in Belgium then I gained the heart to support vulnerable women in our mother country. We took time to hear from them and we tried to financially support them within the little capacity we had had.”

They tried to support TABITA women association in Kicukiro, a non-governmental organization that caters for pre-primary babies and practice agriculture. “Besides I liked most their slogans of supporting each other where they contribute to buy clothes for their colleagues, they pay health insurance for their colleagues and share the outcomes of their agricultural practices as well as the envelop they produce from papers,” she said.

Kicukiro women training centre

She also said that another association they visited is ‘KOMEZA INTAMBWE’ of Mageragere in Nyarugenge District that has a slogan of ‘GIRA URUKWAVU MUKOBWA’/have a rabbit girl.
“Most of them have raised their economic development and they have good testimonies. Today we have visited these women and we are happy of the hygiene they have, they have potential targets and we will keep responsibilities to continue accompanying them in this journey,”

The Express News


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