Rwanda’s government is in preparatory phases on how to help African immigrants that are being sold as slaves in Libya.

The plan had been organized prior 2017 after a circulated video leak, released by CNN last, showing young men being auctioned off as a slaves, farm workers.
Youths from Niger and other sub-Saharan countries were seen being sold to buyers for about $400 (£300) at undisclosed locations in Libya.

President Kagame in 2017 made this commitment after revelations that tens of thousands of different African nationalities were stranded in Libya having failed to make it across the Mediterranean Sea to European countries.
Diyana Gitera, the Director General for Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said Rwanda was working on a proposal with partners to evacuate refugees from Libya.

However, the exact timing of when these would be brought remains undisclosed until further notice according to the officials.
The immigrants are expected to be received under an emergency plan being discussed with international humanitarian agencies and other partners.
The process will be specifically supported by the African Union (AU) with funding from European Union (EU) and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

The proposal comes as conflict in war-torn North African country deepens.
Still in 2017, Rwanda was also negotiating with Israel on how to accommodate refugees stranded on its soil.
The United Nations estimates almost 5,000 migrants are in detention centers in Libya, about 70 per cent of them refugees and asylum seekers, most of whom have been subjected to different forms of abuse.

Already, thousands of the migrants have died over the past few years while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to European countries where they hope for better lives.
Human rights groups have documented multiple cases of rape, torture and other crimes at the facilities, some of which are run by militias.
Rwanda hopes to step in to rescue some of these struggling migrants in its capacity.
The Government of Rwanda has been generously hosting refugees for over two decades and coordinates the refugee response with UNHCR, as well as providing land to establish refugee camps and ensuring camp management and security.
Given the history of Rwanda during 1999 Genocide against the Tutsi that left 800,000 ethnic Tutsi’s and moderate Hutu’s being massacred. The country has refused to remain silent on mistreatment’s as she furthers extended hand to stop human rights violation on the continent.

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