The Prosecutor-General Jean Bosco Mutangana has dropped all charges against a local TV and radio presenter Mulindahabi Irénè.

News reaching our desk tell us that the prosecution had dropped the charges against the Irene Mulindahabi who were detained by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau early this week for immoral publication posted on YouTube.

Nevertheless, he was released in the evening. The prosecutor General Jean Bosco Mutangana told the press that Mulindahabi was released on bail.

Sources say, have confirmed that Mutangana to drop all charges.

When contacted, Mulindahabi, who sounded scared, said he did not want to make any comment about his case.

The Express News has learnt that Prosecution gave Mulindahabi a document releasing him from custody without conditions, but did not tell him clearly whether he was completely a free person nor did it give him the minister’s letter.

According to The Chronicles, Mutanganga informed that this Friday that “There is no pending case against [Mulindahabi]. Charges have been dropped.”

Asked why the journalist was still not sure about his fate, Mutangana said: “The Prosecution letter only serves the purpose of releasing him from detention without any condition. It’s a judicial document that releases a suspect from custody. And prosecution isn’t pursuing him any further on charges to which he was arrested by RIB. I think i have made it clear to you. He is released and free.”

The Express News


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