In a bit to build a safer society, Rwanda National Police extended its anti-crime awareness campaign to over 1500 students from three high schools in Ruhango District and tutored them on their role in community policing as means to crime prevention.

The students tutored were from Collège Advantiste de Gitwe (ESAPAG) GS RUSORORO and Ecole Secondaire de Murama (ESM).

Precisely, the students were educated on preventing unwanted pregnancies and their consequences be it to their own lives, the society or the children they would deliver.

In her address to the students and the teachers that attended the awareness meeting, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) Inspector of Police (IP) Angelique Abijuru called for collective community efforts in combating teenage pregnancies and to address the underlying issues that create unplanned child bearing.

She went on to tell the students that cases of unwanted pregnancies among young girls are most times related to drug consumption, luck of parental care and warned them about risks such as contracting STDs.

IP Abijuru particularly pointed out that any student who consumes drugs can never perform well in school, whereas majority drop out of school.

She told the student to avoid consuming illegal substances like illicit brew and narcotics saying that, “addicts of such substance always have a bad ending since they are the ones involved in crimes like assault, theft, rape and defilement among others.”

“They usually commit such offenses when they are under influence of drugs; that’s why we have to collectively fight these vices by ensuring you report anyone who consumes or traffics them, to the police,” she said.

The DCLO urged the schools’ administration to conduct regular inspections among students, collaborate with law enforcers and consult with parents about their respective roles in fighting drug abuse.

Following the meeting, students committed themselves to join in the fight against drugs and also pledged to spread the message to other students and youth within Rwandan communities.

The Express News


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