A Rwandan-French Woman has been searching for her birth mother for the past few decades.

Her name is Marie-Florence JEHL. She has been looking for her mother for so long until now.

Marie France apologizes for disturbing every woman she has contacted. So far all she knows is that the woman who gave her birth came from Rwanda. She recalls her birthday as 19/02/1992 in Strasbourg, France.

Marie-Florence’s treasure hunt for her mother in France did yield any results. She, therefore, redirected her efforts of unending search to the Social Media via Facebook, Twitter, and others.

She is wondering whether one day her prayers will be answered and find one precious person in the world, the woman who her to life.

Marie-Florence Jhel in 2010 in Strasbourg, France

Sadly, however, she has little hope. For she has been writing to all women who their names start with Marie-Esperance, corresponding to the one she is looking for but the answer always turned negative.

She is calling people to not hesitate to tell her the response.

The Express News


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