Alain Mukurarinda, Rwandan Singer and lawyer wishes that no Rwandans in Diaspora should struggle to access justice services and court related cases when calling for support.

Speaking during Rwanda day 2019, Mukurarinda shared his views to the public, where he said that people of Diaspora use to have two major problems including court and tribunal cases as well as land dispute problems.

“they have challenges, they come in December every year in Holydays, and only spend a period which is not beyond two weeks. “It takes a long time to solve land related disputes or other cases, he can get someone to support him legally during his stay of two weeks but lacks all kinds of support when calling back to Rwanda, whoever has been supporting him/her cannot pick the telephone, and I have experienced all these cases”. He said.

“Why not having a special cabinet to help Rwandans living in Diaspora to access services in the country. Sometimes I go and reach them to discuss on their cases.” told The Express News

He said that his trip to Rwanda Day brought successes as people kept sharing contacts to expose their cases.

Mukurarinda wishes that no Rwandans in Diaspora should struggle to access justice services and court related cases when calling for support.

“I want that a diaspora can have his/her problem solved without his/her presence here in Rwanda because it disturbs his/her summer time, they need to come and enjoy their holidays without juggling between criminal cases and other issues, they need people to help them on the ground because when they are spending time in these cases they cannot find time to invest or rest, rather they spend money for problems and their holiday end up with no gain”. Mukurarinda told The Express News

Mukurarinda currently assists Rwandans in Diaspora to follow on their cases in Rwanda without coming. “I helped many people in Europe and America without meeting them, we work on website.” He said.

Small Biography

Alain Mukurarinda was born in Nyarugenge, studied at APE-Rugunga secondary school, later in Rwamagana, finished secondary school in 1990 in Economics, in 1991, he went in Belgium to study laws, where he finished and started working one-year internship to become a lawyer but come back in Rwanda. In 2002 in September until 2015, he was a prosecutor in Rwanda.

Born in 1970, Mukurarinda has a wife and two children, the son and the daughter.

He left with his wife who was employed in Holland in 2015 where they spent four years and they are now in cote d’Ivoire.

He said that life in diaspora is not hard for someone and everyone between a wife and husband must work for common development. He started living in diaspora when he was a student and young and continued.

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