CITIZENS who go to courts to seek justice and are unsatisfied have for a long ago nowhere to channel their complaints.

It is against that background than on Tuesday the Supreme Court in partnership with Transparency International Rwanda jointly launched an internet and short messaging services (SMS) based complaint system dubbed “”

According to Chief Justice Prof Sam Rugege, the system is meant to engage the public and stakeholders in the judicial sector in order to enhance access to justice, accountability and court-user satisfaction.

“The application allows litigants to file their complaints online and receive prompt feedback, permits lawyers and prosecutors to draw attention to some issues that may be inconsistent with due process in the handling of their case files or to instances of problematic judgments,” he said

The new system portal also has an online suggestion box where people can convey their opinions and suggestions on the functioning of a court while it also offers a possibility for litigants to file complaints for special consideration for review of their cases.

“This technology will allow a citizen to provide information on how they were treated in the court,”The chief justice said, stressing that, “This will improve efficiency in our courts,”

Rugege called on beneficiaries to make good use of this application to maximise the benefits it provides as well as to report poor service.

Marie Immaculee Ingabire, the Chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda said the online platform would reduce corruption cases in courts.

With the new online portal, complaints will be submitted and accessed by all parties involved in justice delivery such as courts, National Public Prosecution Authority, the Office of Ombudsman and the Rwanda Bar Association.

The Express News


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