Manzi Djimmy Andre is currently a citizen of America, he established a football Academy to support the national team ‘Amavubi’ and he plans to take young players to Europe and America to improve their capacity and come back to play for Rwanda.

This player who played for Marines FC since 2000 until 2003, he turn back in Rwanda.
He says all the investment in supporting the national football team to get its development is the heart of patriotism, plus the opportunity he has in USA.


Marine Footbal Club in 2003

“I want to help youth in order to develop football. This is due to the experience I found in Europe and in America as I played in Belgium, France and USA where I am now representing Colorado Rush football team in Africa. I chose to begin all the projects in my country because of patriotism.”: he said.

He added that he will link all the players who will demonstrate passion of football development with supporters who will also connect them with big teams such as Paris Saint Germain, FC Barcelone, Villareal and Manchester United.
Manzi noted that he will use some of resources from any player who will be bought to support widowed survivors of the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

Business experience in football

“I started another experience in Europe to play in ice, I used to tell the white men that I like studying and I finished University. After France, I went in Belgium, I gained a lot of experience from these countries. When I was in America, I found football VERY DIFFERENT FROM others in the world, it helped me to know business in football.”
In America, no poor child can learn to play football, only children from wealthy families play football.
It is emotional and for great pleasure to me to be in Kigali as I want to help my country to develop football, starting to build children teams. I have a club Manzi soccer Rush academy in Gisenyi, I explained players and coaches how the business is”

Manzi Djimmy Andre in coshing

I have players from 10, 12, 13, 9, and 7-year-old. My dreams towards Rwanda’s football is development in terms of the club’s leadership. I have a level of FIFA manager and next year I will start to coach the first team, now I am coaching the second one of university champions. I observed all the countries of Africa, I realized that Rwanda likes football, we can position our youth to the good level in next two years.

Manzi Soccer Rush Academy

Basing on experience, I encourage parents to start helping their children learn from football academies. I can tell football fans to continue loving and supporting their teams, they have to remember that both good and bad seasons exist but never give up!


The special thing he brings to create innovation and do the right things on the right time as the manager of a football club in Rwanda and in diaspora.

Manzi Djimmy Andre together with other Rwandan Diaspora In USA

What I count on is development and doing good activities. My team will achieve more next year. As a diaspora, I wish that any diaspora who is listening to me can stand up and give support.

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