Uwimana is tailor by profession. Approaching her in her workshop in Kimironko-Gasabo District, you find various styles made by herself and all promoting the made in Rwanda initiative.

Few of the products they make include women fashion and equipment for women who are ready to give birth, bags, made in Rwanda bedsheets, hotels’ textiles, curtains, etc.

The mother of three has finished primary school and later joined Tailoring art. She was married before finishing her lessons in tailoring and later embarked on it, starting to welcome clients at home.

She was always thinking on how to create innovations that can add value to her work. “I realized clients are many at home and I decided to make porte bebe from made in Rwanda perspective. Any client who came to buy at home managed to inform others about the quality of my products, I later tried bedsheets,”

She was informed that the national women council could assist her with ideas and other possible support to improve and promote her business.

Fortunately, Uwimana was put on the list of women who can participate in best business competitions.

“I was surprised to be the first at district level and I got an award. I was applauded to employ others and I got Rwf200,000 cheque as a recognition of best performer, I thank NWC for this recognition. I received this award during the International Day of Women. They also bought me a stand to expose my products at Gikondo exhibition ground. I was motivated by clients’ feedback and later decided to use money from the expo to rent a comfortable and wide space to work from, that is how I came here in Kimironko.” she noted.

She has six years working from that place and she says she did not give up.

“I started with one machine at home and I managed to buy the second one from the money I got at the beginning. As clients kept on increasing, I bought the third machine,” she noted.

Saving was her secret

“I used to save from little money and I deprived from many other basic needs. I could make sure that everything my clients need is produced.”

She encouraged other women to try saving money and think on what to do with it once increased.

However, her significant achievements, Uwimana said that some challenges could not miss.

“Women used to face challenges like a bad partner, failure to respect family planning,”

Her first dream was to have own workshop to take the business at the next level. The second dream is to build a factory.

“People used to harass out profession, saying that a tailor works for Rwf200, today I am proud to say that I am a tailor, we are feeling proud of the development we met after the government banned second hand clothes.” Uwimana noted.

Two main dreams

The first dream was met and I am looking on how to build a factory. I was lucky to be a member of the private sector where we also have a chamber of women entrepreneurs,” Uwimana said.

She profited to be among the chamber of women entrepreneurs in the private sector and with her colleagues they were motivated and supported by the PSF to take our business on top.

“We found a house and we have come from China to look for equipment, the installation is under progress and we are ready to start working in November, 2019.” She said.

Same product of Uwimana shop

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