As Rwanda mourns for the victims killed during the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994 at this 27th period, Rwandans grouped in ‘Rwandan Association of Queensland’ in Australia will also commemorate what they call double genocide on April 17, 2021 in Queensland Parliament Hall.

These genocide deniers are headed by Mr.Theogene Ngabo who is famous on his racial ideology and he used to change his names including Abudala due to his role in killing hundreds of Tutsis in the former Byumba Prefecture, his native province.

Their mission in commemorating the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi aims at hiding the proofs of their participating in killing Tutsi where they continue denying and propagating genocide ideology there in Australia.

Mubarak, holding a tripod and camera behind Rusesabagina during a meeting of collecting money to suuport MRCD

They also run these negative activities by teaching their children and families all about hate and genocide ideology saying that it happened double genocide.

These genocide deniers also want to tell lies to foreign countries and try to show their innocence which never exist. They keep telling foreigners that the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi happened because of the plane of President Juvenal Habyarimana that was shot down.

One of these genocide deniers called Rukeshangabo Frodouard was judged by Rwanda’s Gacaca courts and was sentenced 35 years of imprisonment due to his role in planning, leading, killing and encourage killings of over 571 Tutsi in Rubona.

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Rwandan Association of Queensland and Australia in general are continuing to deny and hide genocide perpetrators. The big bosses of these killers and genocide deniers are Frodouard Rukeshangabo, Amiel Nubaha and his family, Theogene Ngabo, Jean Baptiste Nshimirimana, Jean de Dieu Habayo and more.

Among these killers hiding in Australia also include those who killed foreign tourists in Bwindi in DRC and many more whose names are not mentioned here.

These killers should know that their day will come and be detained as Kabuga Felicien who was recently brought to international courts, Paul Rusesabagina and his spokesperson Callixte Sankara, Herman and others.

Rwandans grouped in Rwandan Association of Queensland also sponsored and empowered rebel groups including MRCD, FLN and FDRL.
This include inside Rusesabagina’s testimonies in his court procedures and it was revealed that they went to call on Gervais Condo, RNC Secretary David Himbara and Priest Nahimana who all form the rebel groups, denying the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi and propagating its ideology.

Who is who in the brutal killings of Tutsi in 1994?

1.Frodouard Rukeshangabo is one of Rwandans living in Australia, before 1994, he was the inspector of academic in former Kigarama District ‘commune’, Rubona sector which is now Kibungo sector in Ngoma District where he brutally killed Tutsi in 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

Frodouard Rukeshangabo Family in Australia (courtes)

The later fled in Malawi and in Australia, spreading his activities of denying the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994. All these crimes there in Australia are led by his son Amiel Nubaha

Testimonies reveal the cruel killing of Tutsi By Frodouard Rukeshangabo

In the article “Has Australia become a hot bed for genocide deniers and Hutu Power faithful?” () he talked of this man, Rukeshangabo had been initially sentenced to 30 years in jail by the local jurisdictions Gacaca Courts as a ringleader in the mass-killings which rocked Rwanda in 1994 and in which over one million Tutsi were massacred.

2. Amiel Nubaha, formerly leader of the Rwandan Queensland Association who complained that he was labeled by what he called “Rwandan Racial Extremist in the Diaspora Community” as genocide denier and revisionist.

Nubaha is a former president of Rwandan Association of Queensland son of Rukeshangabo

However, Nubaha shows his true colours of a genocide denier and revisionist by writing:“I do not deny the genocide against the Tutsi. It happened, it is well documented and it will always be a painful legacy of our Rwandan history,” he wrote, but added: “I do not deny that heinous crimes were committed against the Hutus which potentially constitute genocidal crimes.”

Jean Baptiste Nshimiyimana, the chief-collector and coordinator of donations to the rebel forces of Rusesabagina’s MRCD-FLN that devastate Rwandan security

On one hand, one, Nubaha accepts that there was genocide against the Tutsi, but on the other hand, he talks of genocide against the Hutu. This is exactly a “double genocide” he said.
During the many so-called commemoration ceremonies that this association organizes every year in Queensland, it always calls it the “Rwandan genocide” and has not used “genocide against the Tutsi” a single time.

3. Theogene Ngabo, the current chairman of this association is a well-known MRCD-FLN mobiliser in Queensland.
4. The MRCD President, Paul Rusesabagina, known for the fiction Hollywood movie Hotel Rwanda, rose to fame as a humanitarian, a cover he uses to raise funds for the terrorist organisation which is sowing death and desolation both in Rwanda and in the region.
MRCD is responsible for series of attacks in south-west Rwanda in 2018 in which several innocent civilians were killed.

Theogene Ngabo president of Rwandan Association of Queensland

During the closure of the mourning week for the 27th commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi, Dr Jean Damascène Bizimana, Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) recalled the bad politics that led the country to the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi, explaining that the genocide against the Tutsi was a plot that was masterminded and executed by the bad regime of President Habyarimana.

Dr Bizimana said that the genocidal plot masterminded by bad politicians and political parties that incited to hatred including MRND, which used government institutions in propaganda for hate against the Tutsi.

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