Rwanda and Brazil are considering a high level cooperation in developing football, sports activities and exchange of skills.

Officials of both countries said while signing a bilateral Air service agreement in Kigali.

Sports in Brazil are widely practiced and popular in the country and mainly involved in football with top earnings coming from the sector.

According to the Statista, a global business platform, shows that in 2018, the Brazilian Football Confederation generated a net income of over 587 million Brazilian reals, up from 511.6 million reals a year earlier

Brazil has a distinct place in football worldwide, having won five World Cup tournaments and produced dozens of creative players, including the incomparable Abed Pelé.

“We are looking at how both our governments can boost sports and exchange skills. Rwanda is good in athletics and we are good in football,” Fernando Estelita lins de salvo Coimbra, Brazillian ambassador to Rwanda said.

“Brazil is so talented in sports and we are also countries that love sports, therefore, cooperation aimed to develop sporting skills would benefit us both,” Ambassador Claver, the Minister of Infrastructure said.

“We have cooperated in the agriculture, technologies, many others fields and at the same time a partnership in sports would be a good step,” he said.

Rwanda in its history has only reached once in the African cup of nations finals (AFCON) in 2004.

Warm relations

The two countries also signed an agreement comes after the backdrop of the MoU signing and initializing of the BASA in December 2017 in Sri Lanka during ICAN-ICAO Air services negotiations events that takes place annually.

It is a sign that Rwanda is digging a good relationship with the South America’s Aviation giants.

“The signing of this agreement will enhance connectivity between both countries and facilitate the private sectors of both countries to realize and tap into the economic and social benefits,” Minister Gatete said.

The signing of the BASA with Federative Republic of Brazil and with the opening of more routes by RwandaAir, will continue to provide Rwanda’s private sector with enormous opportunities in an economically vibrant and large market of more than 340 million people.

Brazil has population of over 210 million people, against the 130 million population of the East African Community presenting Rwanda with a larger market of opportunities.

Over the years, the growing bilateral relations between Rwanda and Brazil, has seen the two countries develop cooperation on several fronts, like in December 2017 Memorandum of Understandings on technical cooperation in Aviation.

The MoU, provides for exchange of aviation expertise and conducting of training between Rwanda and Brazilian’s aviation sectors. Currently, Rwanda has 91 Bilateral Air service Agreements within and outside.

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