Belle oceanne Iradukunda a Rwandan model living in USA made history for appearing yesterday on the Hollywood comedy series dubbed ‘sistas’ aired on US Television BET.

The ‘sistas’ is an upcoming American comedy-drama series created, written and produced by Tyler Perry, one of the leading Hollywood producers.

She is a new kid on the block in the Hollywood walk of fame with multi- talented and potentials.

Bella have always been versatile since childhood, acting in movies, fashion and music, and everyone near her saw the special talents in Iradukunda.

Iradukunda born and raised in Rwanda, she now lives in Los Angeles, California where she is pursuing her dreams. Belle Oceanne iradukunda is also known as Bella a nickname adopted for playing in movies like living with the dead, Till death do us apart, Shifty business, among others.

“It’s a great experience as I get to learn how they act so natural and pull off perfectly any role given to them,” she added.

Belle also revealed to the Rwandan media her home coming plans. “I am planning to come back as soon as I accomplish the projects that I am working on,” she said.

“I have my movies that I will be shooting in Rwanda and would love to be part of any projects structured by the Rwandan movie industry,” Iradukunda further disclosed.

Her role in the ‘Sistas’

She plays as a friendly waitress to the four main casts; KJ Smith, Mignon Von, Ebony Obsidian and Novi Brown.

“Acting with them was a whole new experience of learning,” she said.

The Express News


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