A man identified as David Nzigamasabo was arrested yesterday in Ruhango District, where he attempted to bribe police officers in order to make it on the list of those who passed the driver’s license test.

Nzigamasabo, 23, who was doing tests for provisional license, allegedly tried to seduce an officer, who was invigilating the theory tests, with Rwf200, 000 to have his name on the list.

“Nzigamasabo, after the provisional tests, called the officer on the side. He told the officer that he came ready and when the officer asked what he meant by being ready he pulled out Rwf200, 000, which he tried to offer him so as to award him the license,” Senior Supt. Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi, the spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety department, said.

He added: “The officer signaled his colleagues and Nzigamasabo was arrested in the act, and currently detained at Ruhango Police station.”

SSP Ndushabandi cautioned aspiring drivers against such criminal approaches and advised them to instead “prepare themselves well rather than taking criminal shortcuts.”

“Because provisional tests are set in the multiple choice format, some candidates do not care to revise to know road safety standards and that’s why majority fail. They do the tests on luck and when they fail once or twice that’s when some of them opt the criminal route to bribe police officers; but they should know that the punishment is severe when you are caught,” he warned.

Nzigamasabo himself had failed the provisional tests three times.

“We advise people aspiring to be drivers to take time, revise and understand road safety standards. This will also help them to be good drivers to prevent accidents that may arise out of ignorance about the meaning of signposts,” Ndushabandi said.

Offering a gift in order to acquire an illegal service under article 641 of the Penal Code, attracts a term of imprisonment of between five and seven years or a fine of twice to 10 times the value of what they had offered in bribes, or both.

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