Genocide denier Frodouard Rukeshangabo who is moving on his negativism activities in Australia could make 30 years of jail by Gacaca courts but took exile in Malawi later in Australia where he is leading negativism activities of the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994.

Frodouard Rukeshangabo had held the responsibilities in Education in 1994 where he was the inspector of Kigarama ‘Centre Scolaire”, he led the Interahamwe group of killers who exterminated many Tutsi in Kigarama Sector of former Rubona District. The Gacaca courts decided to make him 30 years of custody and unfortunately the criminal took exile in Malawi later in Australia.

Gervais Condo and Amiel Nubaha during the mockery of Kwibuka at NSW Parliament in Queensland.

Another criminal called Emmanuel Nsabiyumva is the son in-law of Rukeshangabo lives in Queensland State in Australia.

Father Thomas Nahimana also lives France and has close relationship with Emmanuel Nsabiyumva and is a member of an armed conglomerate of terrorist organisations called P5.

Recently, The New Times reported that the Rwandan diaspora communities of Nowadays, in particular those in the US, UK, France, Belgium and Canada are full of Genocide revisionists.

RNC operative Mubarak Kalisa, (left) Genocide denier and Catholic priest Thomas Nahimana and Marc Kayumba, a son to Rwandan renegade Kayumba Nyamwasa

“This scourge of our times has also spread to far-flung territories like Australia and New Zealand. Australia seems to have taken a turn for the worse because it has become a haven for individuals who espouse the Hutu Power ideology.To achieve legitimacy and further their malevolent agenda by hoodwinking their hosts, they set up the Rwandan Association of Queensland.” Quoted the report.

http://Has Australia become a new hotbed for Genocide deniers, Hutu Power faithful?

“Looked at it closely, the organisation is comprised of Genocide revisionists and deniers, affiliates of terrorist entities, and adepts of Hutu Power ideology.” The report adds, citing the list of genocide deniers and their posts in their respective entities.

Below is the Who in the organisation

Theogene Ngabo, the current chairman of this association is a well-known MRCD-FLN mobiliser in Queensland.
The MRCD President, Paul Rusesabagina, known for the fiction Hollywood movie Hotel Rwanda, rose to fame as a humanitarian, a cover he uses to raise funds for the terrorist organisation which is sowing death and desolation both in Rwanda and in the region.
MRCD is responsible for series of attacks in south-west Rwanda in 2018 in which several innocent civilians were killed.

Theogene Ngabo president of Rwandan Association of Queensland

Rusesabagina and his MRCD acolytes are known deniers of the Genocide against the Tutsi.
Pacifique Gakindi, its former chairman is a well-known activist for another terror group, Rwandese National Congress (RNC).

Mubarak, holding a tripod and camera behind Rusesabagina during a denial commemoration of Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Australia

Both RNC and MRCD – FLN are part of an armed conglomerate of terrorist organisations called P5.
In a report to the UN Security Council dated 16 December 2018, a UN group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of Congo warned about the threat represented by that outfit which has aligned itself with the terrorist Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), a designated terrorist armed group.
FDLR is composed of people responsible for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, including almost all of its commanders.
Jointly, they have all carried terror activities inside Rwanda which left many people dead and scores of others injured.

Sham Genocide commemorations

This group is very brazen in the way it has peddled the revisionism and denialism agenda.

Apart from Australians, the association also invited two notorious guests: Paul Rusesabagina and Gervais Condo. The former is the MRCD – FLN leader, and the latter is RNC Secretary-General.
During that mockery of commemoration, one of the speakers, Robert Mukombozi – a Ugandan national and RNC operative – instead of honouring the victims, he embarked on a six-minute disjointed speech trivialising the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Fake survivor and wife Nelson and Yvette Muhirwa. He was a defence witness in Justin Mugenzi and Simon Bikindi’s cases at the ICTR.

He did not remember the more than one million Tutsi massacred by extremist Hutu regime and its militias but instead paid tribute to late Michael Houligan, an Australian UN Expert behind the discredited UN Mapping Report which accused the RPF of war crimes.

Mukombozi also repeated the much-discredited allegations that President Paul Kagame ordered the shooting of the presidential plane that carried former President Juvenal Habyarimana, “thus sparking the Genocide.”
Both these theories have been debunked by different expert reports, one commissioned by the government of Rwanda and another by France, which both established that the plane was shot by Hutu Power extremist within Habyarimana’s government to get an excuse to launch the Genocide which had been prepared well in advance.
These Australian Parliamentarians should therefore stop being duped.

The case of Amiel Nubaha

Another leader in the association is called Amiel Nubaha. He has been coordinating activities of a sham 26th Commemoration of what they callously call “the Rwandan Genocide.”

It is worth noting that Nubaha’s father, Froduard Nubaha, was a former school inspector in Birenga Commune, in former Kibungo Prefecture where is alleged to have taken part in the mass-killings.
None should blame his son for those heinous acts he perpetrated, but it is very disturbing to see the young man engaging in activities of Genocide revisionism and denialism which are aimed at exculpating his father from his crimes.

Nubaha is a former president of Rwandan Association of Queensland with his father Frodouard Rukeshangabo .
Recently Amiel Nubaha desecrate into a platform for spreading their genocide ideology and denial agenda.
Nubaha is a former president of Rwandan Association of Queensland and one of the children from suspect families live in Queensland known to have been involved in the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi which claimed over 1 million Tutsi women, men, and children.

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