Local Media House “The New Times” expelled 7 journalists abruptly due to budget dearth as it was highlighted in their expulsion letters.

Nonaha.com writes that all journalists including editors from department of Kinyarwanda(Izubarirashe) handed their letters of exit this 27th February 2018.

One of the journalists who wants his identity to be hidden in the story, said that the decision taken abruptly. According to him the reason behind is the budget shortage.

He said: “We spent the day at work as usual, later on, my colleague come up with the letter. I was thinking it’s a salary increase, finally I was given mine and I realize that budget dearth get me into effect.”

Reliable sources cite that Once upon a time, Izubarirashe managed to get 50 million Rwandan Franc a month, before it was glued to the marketing team of New Times.

When it was launched in December 2007, The New Times Publications Managing Director told the gathering that the birth and launch of IZUBA Rirashe is a sign that The New Times takes seriously its mandate of informing Rwandans and other readers in more languages than one.

He emphasized that there is enough commitment and will to continue informing, educating, entertaining and fulfilling other obligations as a media outlet in a manner that reflects The New Times as truly being on top of the business it is engaged in.

The Express News


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