The hand-over ceremony took place yesterday during the close-out of the 2.5-year programme in Kigali.

Dubbed ‘Mentorship Community of Practice’, the project has created an online forum for teachers to share best practices in the classroom and to complete online courses that strengthen teaching skills

In the event, the Acting Mission Director of USAID/Rwanda, Adriana Hayes handed over key online components of the project to the Ministry of Education, Rwanda Education Board, and University of Rwanda College of Education.

These components include online community portal, a digital library and an accredited online certification course to teachers to improve their Kinyarwanda-language reading instruction for students in P1 to P3.

“USAID is extremely proud to be able to turn over these online tools to the Rwandan people. We are confident that these tools, in your very capable hands, will continue to connect, motivate and prepare many excellent teachers,” Adriana Hayes said

According to USAID, over 1,000 teachers in 1,000 schools and over 400 Sector Education Offices in every district in Rwanda are connected to the online portal. Members of this online community of practice have made nearly 50,000 posts in discussions on over 15,000 topics

Commenting on the program, the Rwanda Education Board Director General (REB), Janvier Gasana congratulated the teachers graduating from the seven month course, and encouraged development partners to continue supporting Rwanda’s development priorities.

“As the government, we are committed to transforming education in Rwanda by prioritizing early grade literacy, teacher training and access to educational resources,” src: Igihe

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