Rwandan community and Investment opportunities for Rwanda diaspora members and friends of Rwanda in Belgium will meet in the current annual Umuganda and Umuganura activity that will take place on August 3, 2019 at the Belgian coast .

Speaking to The Express News,Gilles Bazambanza , the president of Rwanda Diaspora in Belgium, (DRB) said that the initiative was prepared in a bid to promote Rwandan Culture and investment opportunities for Rwanda Diaspora member and friends of Rwandans in Belgium.

“there are many children born in Belgium who do not know well the history of Rwanda and the country’s culture, such initiatives help us to bring them together and know each other and we teach them the culture of their country of origin,” Bazambanza said.

He added that these initiatives give them a huge value and also give value to their country, Rwanda, and they can know who they are.

“As we used to try to know the culture of European country we get in, we also chose to meet and share ideas on Rwandans’ values, that is an heritage we want give to our children.” He said.

Umuganda and Umuganura in Belgium will be an opportunity for Equity Bank Rwanda to present investment opportunities to approximately 300 Rwanda diaspora members living in Belgium

The ceremony will be lighten up by various Rwandan Artists and Modern Music Bands including ‘Itorero Irebero’, Ingangare, DJ SAIDO, DJ AZAM, and IMISOZI1000.

The Express News


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