16 teams including Rwanda Cycling Team and Benediction of Rubavu District will participate in Tour du Rwanda 2020 that is set to kick off on February 23rd, 2020 to end on March 1st, 2020.

The fourth itinerary that will come from Rubavu is the one that will take a long session during this 12th competition.

This will be the second race of Tour du Rwanda at 2.1 level after the one of 2019 that was won by Erythrean Merhawi Kudus of Astana Pro during the beginning of this year. At the then session, Rwandan Joseph Areruya who was playing for Delko Marseille Province team of France took the 9th place.
The next Tour du Rwanda race will be sponsored by Cogebanque, Skol, MINISPOC, Rwanda Tea, Visit Rwanda, Canal +, and Rwanda National Police among others.
The yellow dress code or Mayon Jaune that was used to be given by MINISPOC will be given by Rwanda Tea since next year 2020.

Speaking during the Press Conference on November 21, 2019, Aimable Bayingana, FERWACY President said that the recent rumor news by a local newspaper was explained and writers had bad intention.
“We revealed the intention of journalists who wrote that article. They wanted to harass out image but nothing it changed. It will not stop our activities, rather it will increase our efforts to move forward,” Bayingana said.

He added that Rwandans among the contestants are at a good level to compete. “It is expected that Benediction team of Rubavu and other local teams will participate and we hope see successful results,” he said.
The upcoming 12th Tour du Rwanda contest became international since 2009 where it was at the level of 2.1 until last year where it was won by Mugisha Samuel.
Benediction team from Rubavu that will participate in this contest is the 3rd in AFRICA in third session of cycling teams.

The race will start from Kigali City to come back in two last days. In the 7th part, contestants will be counting on time where they will be climbing Mont Kigali hill and will reach Rebero roads during the final days.
The very long session is the fourth that will depart from Rusizi to Rubavu in 206.3 kilometers.
The following are the 16 teams that will contest for Tour du Rwanda 2020:
National Teams: Rwanda, Cameroun, Algérie, Ethiopia, Erythrée and Belgium
Continental teams: Benediction Ignite Team (Rwanda), Bai Sicasal (Angola), Pro Touch (Afurika y’Epfo), Bike Aid (Mu budage) and Vino Astana Motors from Kazakhstan.

Professional riders’teams: Nippo Delko Marseille (France), Team Novo Nordisk (USA), Androni Giocattoli (Italie), Total Direct Energie (France), Israel Cycling Academy (Israël).
Itineraries for Tour du Rwanda 2020
1st itinerary:

On February 23, 2020: Kigali Arena- Kimironko (114.4Km)

2nd itinerary: on February 24, 2020: Kigali- Huye ( 120.5Km)

3rd itinerary: on February 25, 2020: Huye- Rusizi ( 42Km)

4th itinerary: on February 26, 2020: Rusizi-Rubavu ( 206.3Km)

5th itinerary: on February 27, 2020: Rubavu- Musanze ( 84.7Km)

6th itinerary: on February 28, 2020: Musanze- Muhanga ( 127.3Km)

7th itinerary: on February 29, 2020: Nyamirambo- Mont Kigali (4.5Km)

8th itinerary: on March 1,2020: Kigali Expo Ground- Rebero ( 89.3Km)

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