The Embassy of Republic of Rwanda in Germany in collaboration with the Association of Rwandan Students in Kaiserslautern (AERK) have gathered Rwandans and their friends in the 25th Commemoration of Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi in 1994.

The event took place on Sunday’s afternoon, the same day the whole world bowed down in honor of over 1 million people who were brutally killed in Genocide Against Tutsi.
The commemoration started by Walk to Remember from Kaiserslautern Hbf to TU Kaiserslautern university, which hold more than 200 people who have attended the commemoration.
This event was conducted under the theme “Make our youth a vital cog in ensuring that Rwanda never suffers similar mayhem” which focused on the role of young generation in preservation of memory of Genocide Against Tutsi.

Donatha Kankindi, Rwandan student at Rockenhausen, presented a poem namely “We Salute you as We Remember you” while Itorero Karame sung a commemoration song that had been composed by Madam Jose Uwamahirwe.

The attendees also took a time of silence to pay their respect to the victims of Genocide Against Tutsi.
Also, the event featured a sketch titled ‘A Long Journey from Divisionism-Genocide to a Reconciled Nation’.
Irene Uwanyirigira , a Genocide Survivor who was 7 years old in 1994 shared her testimony on her long journey to be an orphan at the young age and thanked the Government for the rescue as well as the support put in place for survivors kids to attend school.

There was a Pannel Dicussion and questions and answers session Moderated by Mr. Sandy GANZA as follows:
1. H.E. Igor CESAR: Challenges and available Initiatives & Solutions
2. Mr.Valentin Rugina HATEGEKIMANA: Different Transformation Steps
3. Miss Sonia IsabelleUWURUKUNDO:Contribution of Youth in the Social Transformation
4. Mr. Deogratias MAZINA: the Importance and role of young
Generation in Memory

The event organizers had prepared a fundraising program designed to support Genocide survivors while a documentary film was presented during the session that was attended by representative of Kaiserslautern University, Prof. James Anglin.

The Rwandan Ambassador to Germany, H.E Igor Cesar emphasized on the crucial role that Rwandan youth must play in fighting Genocide ideology in all its manifestations. Given that sixty percent of Rwandan population was born after the Genocide against Tutsi, fighting denial will constitute one of the biggest challenges to be addressed.
The ambassador referred to how young people are engaged in country’s leadership as a proof of how country relies on them both in current moment and in the future.

In light of the fact that our the population is predominantly young, the country is heavily investing in teaching them about Genocide history in order to preserve its status and avoid its denial which still unveils after 25 years from its stoppage BY RPF-INKOTANYI.

The last Part of the event was the Night to remember which focused on the role of youth in a Podium discussion moderated by Pacifique Muhoza on the title: After 25th commemoration Rwandan Youth are involved in the Development of the Country , What about in their involvement in Commemoration activities? What can be done with Panelists:
1. Didien Muvandimwe
2. Noella Mutuye yezu
3. Clinton Ingabaire
4. Emmanauel Niyodusenga
5. Egide Sibomana
The Night to remember was concluded with a focus to the Photo presentation in memory of departed loved ones by Sostene Muberuka & Fabrice Iradukunda , songs, Poem and spontaneous testimonies.

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