The institute of National Museums of Rwanda INMR is now conducting a research about Germany missionaries’ boat submerged in the lake Kivu at the bank of Rutsiro district during the period of colonialism.

Ambassador Richard Masozera, The director of INMR confirms, the boat was brought in Rwanda by Lutherans in 1909.

German warrior known as Tembage used the boat with machine gun  to fight against Belgium soldiers  who intended to forcefully enter in Rwanda during world war I.

Ambassador Masozera added that Tembage, German warrior with the help of people from Rutsiro dug near the lake Kivu to hide the boat after being defeated.

The boat is believed to be containing things with great value including guns.

In 1988 Boat owner got back to lift up the boat but no sooner had they started ,than the liberation war started in 1990 and hinders them to achieve their purpose.

Bimenyimana Onesme 70, was one of the people who were employed to lift up the boat, he insists that they were about to reach the boat, but they dug unwillingly so that Germans fed up and go. People’s hope was to resume the action and capture worthy things they would find in a boat.

The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR) is a government institution, which was inaugurated in September 18, 1989 with one ethnographic museum based in Huye district-Southern Province officially known as the National Museum of Rwanda. Since 2004 other museums have been opened countrywide.

The Express News Rwanda


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