The government of Rwanda denies reports linking the country with secret agreement to host Israel deportees.
Reports have recently emerged in media linking Rwanda-Israel with a deal to host some of Eritreans &Sudanese asylum seekers, reports that the government denies labeling it as media rumors. Some of the reports in media has recently said that Rwanda reached a deal that would see them receiving up to $ 5000 for each deportee.
Rwanda-Israel deal to host deportees remains under confusion as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and East African Community, Louise Mushikiwabo told the Newtimes, end last year, in an interview that negotiations with Israel to host some of the deportees were ongoing. The minister said then negotiations would see around 10,000 migrants deported to Rwanda once the deal is reached.
However, the government of Rwanda aknowledges it still leaves its doors wide open to anyone who wish to voluntarily come to the country without any constraint either seeking for home or any business. The government expressed further its position to the compassion of brotherhood to the prevailing problem of African immigrants who are being exposed to slavery,torture ,human trafficking and death from countries which would be expected to be their homes of asylums.
Rwanda is in this line determined to give its uppermost contribution to ensure to help alleviate the problem of global migration crisis hit most especially citizens of low income countries .
Israel has set strict measures to get rid of African refugees where the government pledged to pay $3,500 and air ticket to every migrant who will voluntarily leave. Further actions will be taken to those who show unwillingness to leave after a 90 days, time limit set by the Israelis government and such people will see their way to prison.

The Express News


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