The national inclusive society initiative did not forget gender equality. This is a principle that is not only a must for government institutions but also in the private sector. Around 65 percent of women and girls are making team of students and employees at the Entreprise Urwibutso and College Fondation SINA Gerard.

“We have 62 to 65% of girls in the college, we value them and they are able to perform as boys. They acquire various practical skills including Agronomy, Animal Health/veterinary, Food processing, and hair dressing, tailoring, carpentry, welding, and Construction. Girls come on top places of performance in class and we employ them when they become graduates. We have so far given job to welders and carpenters and hairdressers, in construction.”

He said that no girl can fear to learn Mechanics as he always encourages them to use available opportunities the country has put in place.
Two years ago, the government established He4She initiative to further the development of girl children.

SINA GERARD said that he is happy for that initiative of supporting the development of girl child., “I currently have a research option in all levels, I am happy that officials who visit Entreprise Urwibutso say that we respect gender equality. We promote gender equality in the College Fondation SINA GERARD. We get various visitors including the media, NGOs, Embassies, the governments. It motivates me when I get their feedbacks saying that this principle of Gender equality is respected here,” he said.
“I visited industries in German and India, we got to the section that only employs women, I asked a question why girls have such a special course of making electronic tools? They told me that girls are not likely to forget and they are much concentrated at work. I also compared how my wife uses to perform her assignments and I realized that women are able to perform things better.” He noted.
He said he has female welders, builders, engineer agronomists and veterinary doctors. He encourages the community to continue giving value and a space for women to explore their potentials in employment sector.

“women and Girls are able like their male counterparts. I opted to empower them through TVET to support the HeForShe movement because I believe that if you empower a woman, she contributes to her family’s development and the country’s holistic transformation,” said Sina Gerard.
“I am still committed and passionate to increasing the number of girls joining TVET because I believe that creating a conducive environment, students will get more opportunities and become job creators rather than job seekers. As a result, they contribute to their welfare at a community level, a national level and to the global development. I hope that other business leaders will use this as an example to do the same in their own communities so that we can empower women and girls all across Rwanda to fulfil their potential.” He added.
Last year, the whole promotion of students at college foundation SINA Gerard succeeded a hundred percent.

He said that the reason is that the school has quality and skilled teachers and the school is placed where students cannot be disturbed. The college has 600 children in nursery school that are helped to study for free. SINA Gerard said this is to give back to the community who cannot afford to pay for school feed in kindergarten schools.

The college teaches students following the government’s curriculum, respecting 50 percent of theory and 50% of practices. In the morning they learn theories and do practical skills in the afternoon.
The students are also taught to be descent people with discipline and Rwandan values. “it is the reason why I built Chappelle St Gerard to help them pray and uphold the values of Christians. This is another good education we give them,” SINA noted.

“We have 10 TVETs schools which will come to do national examinations here at College Foundation SINA Gerard. I have a lesson I give to students once a week, this is helps me to meet students and explained them why I founded the school. I encourage them and I hope that in 2022 some of these students can have master’s degrees,” he said.
He calls people to come and visit our industries, farms and shops to see how a girl-child is able to work and perform better.

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