Rwandan entrepreneur Sina Gerald has come up with a showcase of the new brand flavor of Akarusho wine made from the local banana’s.
His drinks have dominated the Expo exhibition with the new taste and savor of fine wine.

“In every time, in every year, Urwibutso Enterprise, as usual showcase new products in the expo, previously, we used to have Agashya juice, but now we have come with the products of Akarusho Wine,” Sina Gerald, Owner of Urwibutso enterprise, told The Express-News at Expo ground.
“We are grateful for our local banana products, Akarusho wine that is blended well. Besides, when you say made in Rwanda. Our products are on the International standard. This is due to the packaging and branding,” Sina says.

Akarusho wine is processed and standardized in high quality.

“I take this time to urge all other Rwandans who have different businesses to come to the Expo and exhibit their products. We are always struggling to be influential through providing excellent made in Rwanda products; Being competitive worldwide and Enhance social-economic development,” he adds.

“And I’m happy about the development we have taken. The way how people attend is different and bought our products is encouraging,” he says.

He has won awards, for the excellent works. Since Expo started there is the improvement in the participation. Here in our stand, we have improved to another level. His quality has built a formidable trust his clients not only in Rwanda but even those abroad.

Akarusho wine is available in the small cups or the package in 3 liters, 5 liters.

Nyirangarama has also opened a new school that focuses on the nursery level, secondary. But, also his courses in the sectors of agriculture, food processing even on the TVET, mechanics, plumbing through his philanthropic organization Sina Gerald Foundation.
His Products are available everywhere across Rwanda outside and reachable to the Diaspora living abroad.

“When Diaspora’s are coming out of Rwanda they shouldn’t worry about finding our products since they are everywhere. Made in Rwanda is growing as well as the expansion of the RwandAir, thus, we want to assure our clients that whenever RwandAir goes abroad, our products are too well transported,” he adds.

The Express News


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