Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Richard Sezibera is in Ankara for a two day working visit where he will meet his counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu to strengthen cooperation between Rwanda and Turkey.

On his first night in Ankara, Minister Richard Sezibera briefed the African Ambassadors accredited to Turkey on recent developments in Africa, and focused on Common Free Trade Area (CFTA) agreement, a “Pan-African Achievement”.
Sezibera said that speaking with one voice in Africa is vital while we are going through CFTA.

Meanwhile during the visit, both Mevlut and Sezibera will discuss all aspects of bilateral relations between Turkey and Rwanda as well as current regional and international developments.
Turkey has been increasing its investments on the African continent in the last decade especially in manufacturing and infrastructure.
Over the last 20 years, it is estimated that Turkish investors have increased their portfolio in Africa from $2 billion 15 years ago to $17 billion today as of 2017.

In Rwanda, Turkish firms have shown interest in various sectors, including energy and agriculture.
Total investments in Rwanda stood at $ 2.006 billion recorded in 2017. 47% of the total investment were foreign direct investments.

The Express News


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