Richard Mutabazi, the Mayor of Bugesera District encourages Rwandans who live abroad to come to enjoy various services in the district, such as investment opportunities.

The district has University schools, hospital, international airport, the stadium, aspharities, hotels, and more.
Bugesera district is one of the seven districts that make the Eastern Province. Investments are encouraged in Agriculture where over 85 percent of citizens are relying on Agriculture production.

It is located in South-East of the Eastern province in 15 kilometers from Kigali, capital city of Rwanda. As per the population survey of 2012, the district had 361,914 people.
Despites one challenge of lack of rainfall sometimes, Mutabazi said that the arable land is there enough and is promising for good produce.
In an exclusive interview with The Express News’ journalist, Mutabazi said that Rwandans living abroad who wants to invest in Bugesera District can venture in modern Agriculture as one of the sectors that have potentials.
“We have local markets and others in Kigali. We have 9 lacks and three rivers, when people make projects to use available water for irrigation it can be a very good project. Apart from agriculture, we have an international airport, a University school and all these services can facilitate hospitality. Investors also can build hotels, coffee shops to facilitate our guests.” Mutabazi said.

He also said that there is a need of further investments in building schools as the number of children who want to study are increasing with a number of infrastructures that also bring people to live in Bugesera.
“Investments in construction of hostels and accommodation can be also helpful. The accommodation can help teachers and various guests who work in the district. We have enough land to provide land plots.” He said.
He encourages youth who studied abroad to come and help the district by investing their skills to contribute to job creation.

“Rwandans in diaspora should not struggle to seek services in Bugesera districts, we are able to set conducive environment and suggest a time to give special services to Rwandans in Diaspora. It is not a favor to help one who need to help us develop the district, we are here to adequately serve the quality.” He said.
He ensures safety and feasibility of investments in all the sectors mentioned, highlighting that the district has met various changes in line with sustainable development.

The Express News


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