Rwandan students who are currently undertaking university studies at Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia have showcased Rwandan culture at the international cultural festival which is currently taking place at the university premises.

Started on February 27th, the two week festival has been attended by a number of students from 80 countries across the globe.

Rwandan students grabbed the opportunity to showcase their country’s culture throughout various aspects such as cuisine, drinks, social habit, dance, kings’ palace and country’s history among other.

They particular showcased gorilla artifact as the sign of Rwanda’s tourism flag in a bid to promote the Visit Rwanda Campaign that the Government puts forward currently to promote tourism sector.

Speaking to The Express News, the coordinator of Rwandan students in University of Madinah Mubarak Nshimiyimana said the festival has been a platform for Rwandan students to showcase Rwandan uniqueness to foreigners who wanted to know the country deeply.

“We tried to build up the kings’ palace, dress up like intore (the chosen one) we as well showcased baskets among other traditional items. One of displays that caught foreigners’ attention is our traditional ugali (Umutsima),” He said

Nshimiyimana underscored that they used the festival to explain to the world how Rwanda has embarked on unity and reconciliation journey to successfully recover from the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994.

He added that they received a number of foreigners who instantly committed to invest in Rwanda in near future

The international cultural festival that Rwandan students attended at University of Medina is an annual event that brings together over 2000 participants from across the world.

A total of 74 Rwandans are currently undertaking university studies at University of Medina.

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