The Rwandan community in Switzerland was joined by their friends to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Heroes’ Day in Genève

The celebration which was under the theme: “Heroism in Rwandans, our Dignity”, took place on February 1st 2020
The celebration started with watching a film called “The 600: Soldiers’ Story”, which was publicly watched for the first time in Switzerland.

The film showcases the way Battalion three of the RPF-Inkotanyi which was positioned in the building of Parliament of Rwanda which was with the name CND, fled many Tutsis during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, despite facing a huge army force on the side of the Genocide perpetrators.

The film was written by Richard Hall from the United States of America in ‘Great Blue Productions.’ This man was honored with the prize ‘Emmy Award’, as he is as well a television programs producer in Los Los Angeles. Mr. Hall has been a professional film producer for 25 years.

In producing this film, he was assisted by A Wize Media located in Kigali owned by Annette Uwizeye.
After watching the film, Rwandan cultural group Urunana of Switzerland entertained guests with Rwandan traditional dance and music.

Marie Chantal Rwakazina Ambassador of Rwanda to Switzerland explained to the attendees of the event that Heroes’ Day is an important occasion to Rwandans, as it is celebrated in order to remember, pay tribute and praise all prestigious acts done by the heroes in different periods of time.

Rwakazina said that Rwanda was blessed to have heroes in different eras
She took time to recall to the participants the categories of Rwandan heroes.
The heroes of Rwanda are classified in three categories: Imanzi which includes Unknown Soldier an General Major Fred Gisa Rwigema; Imena which includes King Mutara III Rudahigwa, Michel Rwagasana, Agathe Uwiringiyimana, Niyitegeka Félicité and Nyange secondary school students. The third category is Ingenzi which is is comprised of living heroes but their list is yet to be published.

The ambassadress emphasized the heroism of the Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) under the leadership of current President Paul Kagame for “stopping the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and liberating the country.
She reminded that even though the army of RPF was not huge enough comparing to how the enemy was, it gave its all resulting in the dream to come true regarding building the country with security, peace, wellbeing and good governance
“The best way to celebrate and pay tribute to the Rwandan heroes is to emulate their acts. Heroism among Rwandans, our dignity,” she said

Rwandans were required to have distinctiveness in whatever they do and the way they behave aiming at producing heroic acts.
Youth in particular was told that giving value to the Rwandan culture is crucial for both them and their country’s future
“It is a necessity to sustain the achievement and develop it, innovating whatever can bring progress to the wellbeing of Rwandans, working hard and efficiently. It is appreciative to uphold the unity and solidarity of Rwandans towards development-based programs.” Ambasador Rwakazina said.
The event was attended by 300 people from different parts of Switzerland. The celebration concluded with sharing meal and leisure.

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