The Rwandan community and friends of Rwanda in Russia, gathered at Rwanda’s embassy to the country in Moscow to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Rwanda’s Liberation (Kwibohora).
The celebration took place on July 4th 2019 and was attended by various diplomats mostly from Africa representing their countries in Russia.
Addressing the guests in attendance, Rwanda’s ambassador to Russia Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya called on all to pay tribute to RPA defense forces who put an end to the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsis and liberated the country that was on the brink of extinction in the world’s history.
She reminded them that thanks to those who sacriced their lives today, “Our country’s progress speed makes everyone proud.”

She reiterated on the progress that Rwanda has so far achieved thanks to the commitment and reasonable choices of its people in economy, good governance, social welfare, justice and national security.
“We, Rwandan people, give much value to our nation’s liberation because it is has a firm foundation of the blood and lives of Rwandan children who made unreserved sacrifices to liberate the country from bad leadership where all call a home,” she said.
She further told the guests that Rwanda will never relapse and that the development has been achieved thanks to home-grown solutions and unity of the people.
She reminded the youth in attendance the speech President Kagame made during a press conference on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Rwanda’s Liberation Struggle that they they have to keep doing more and better.
There should never be a point where they feel like they have arrived or wait to be told what they can do but they should be trying to find what they can do in their responsibilities.

Director of the Africa Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Andrey Kemarsky wished Rwandans and their friends a good Liberation Day celebration.
He said that Rwanda lived through hard times but the country is today examplary in governance and foreign relations.
He noted that relations between Russia and Rwanda have grown significantly in education, healthcare, investment, and foreign exchange among many other good achievements.
He said that all these things are a proof to Russia that Rwanda is indeed a friend whose cooperation with his country can be trusted.
He assured those in attendance that both countries will continue to cooperate for the interests of their people.

The Express News


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