Over 60 Rwandans and their friends living in the North Dakota of the United States celebrated the 25th Liberation Day through the ceremony held in Stark Country Veterans Pavilion Dickinson North Dakota.

Morris Murenzi, one of Rwandans living there embarked on the history of Rwanda as mother-country and explained a bit about love and heroism that characterized RPF armies in liberating the nation.

Theodore Havugimana, another Rwandan living there lauded the perseverance of Rwandans who accepted to let their blood flow in order to liberate the country.
He also highlighted the history of the past Rwandans that led them to the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994; and thanked the RPF armies who managed to stop it.

Havugimana reminded participants to the ceremony that the conflict of weapons was finished and that the remaining battle is to fight against genocide deniers and the country’s opponents.
Cyusa Ntwari, the representative to the North Dakota Ambassador thanked the participants and congratulated Rwandans living abroad.

The ceremony was ended with Rwanda’s traditional dance.

The Express News


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