Rwandan Community and friends in Finland pledged to uphold and promote their culture as Rwandans.
This initiative is done through their organization Rwandan Community in Finland and Friends abbreviated as (RCFF) established with the vision to be the optimal resource center while empowering Rwandan community in Finland and their friends.

It was established following the meeting which took place in HELSINKI / FINLAND on 29th may 2016, where they expressed the desire to establish an organization / association bringing all its members together.

RCFF Board Committee

The RCFF mission is to become a strategic platform of socio-economic changes and to have a well organised network.
Mugasa Baramba Iko, president of Rwandan Community in Finland said that their aims and objectives include promotion of solidarity and better communication among Rwandans and friends of Rwanda in Finland, to establish a strong national wide, broad based, well organized network, so as to achieve better results in building Rwandan Community in Finland and friends, to maintain and promote the Rwandan culture and values associated with it throughout the community, to promote friendship and cooperation in the fields of culture, science, technology and scientific research and socio-economic cooperation among members of RCFF and other communities and citizens of Finland, and to act as a link between the RCFF and the Rwandan Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden among others.


Other aims are to act as a link between the RCFF and the Finnish authorities to encourage members of the RCFF to actively participate in the social, cultural and economic development of their communities in Finland and their motherland at large , to promote integration and self-recognition as Rwandans among members, their children and future generation of Rwandans living in Finland, to sustain the unity, reconciliation and love among Rwandans in Finland by eradicating the historical and hatred ideology that lead to Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.
Mugasa said that Rwandan Community and Friends in Finland will continue to promote participation in rebuilding the community and devising future strategies for a better quality of life of the Rwandan community in Finland.
“We need to continue promoting Rwanda in Finland and to encourage Finnish to play a role in the socio-economic development of Rwanda,” He said


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