United States Rwandan Community Abroad (USRCA) in collaboration with Indianapolis Rwandan Diaspora Network/Umubano have organized Rwanda Youth Professionals Conference which will be focusing on how Rwandan youth in diaspora can play a significant role in social economic development of Rwanda It schedules on May 25, 2019 at the University of Indianapolis in United States of America.

Youth from several American Companies that have interests on Rwanda as an investment destination will make part of participants and the event will create an opportunity for those companies to see at hand the talents of young Rwandan Professionals who will be key to engaging these companies to Invest in Rwanda.

As President of Rwandan Community in Boston, I’m expecting told the Express News that The young Professionals Forum take as an opportunity for younger talent who have both a passion for the development and the leadership potential to grow in fascinating technical and managerial roles in Rwanda

Steve Rukundo
President of the Rwandan community State of Boston

At the conclusion of the young professionals conference, we hope to highlight the talent, inspiration and resilience of the young professionals in the diaspora.
We hope the event will strengthen existing professional networks and also create new ones that will encourage individuals to step outside their comfort zone and meet like-minded entrepreneurial individuals.” Patrick Safari said

Patrick Safari President of the Rwandan Community State of Southern California

Prof. John Yves Musiine, chairperson of Rwandan Community Abroad in USA said “The uniqueness of the conference is in the sense that it gives our Young Rwandan Professionals an opportunity to dialogue and develop sustainable strategies that will Impact the country especially towards Rwanda’s Development Goals of 2050,”

Chairperson of Rwandan Community Abroad in USA Professor Prof. John Yves Musiine

“We want our young people to be Ambassadors of Investments into Rwanda and challenging them to showcase Rwanda as an investment destination and gateway to the East African Market.,” Musiine added.

According to Mackenzie publication, there is currently 1% American Investment in Africa, thus, the event will be a great opportunity for Rwanda Young Professionals to start thinking on how they can present a viable case to their respective companies why Rwanda is the best destination for American Investments.

“Rwanda Young Professionals have been encouraged to have a substantial impact on the future of Rwanda and we want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the visionary leadership of President Paul Kagame that has made it possible for most of these Rwanda Young Professionals to achieve great Education in the United States and other parts of the world.

It is therefore about time that these young Professionals think about giving back to the country through their skills and acting as Ambassadors of Rwanda and promoting Visit Rwanda as well as Investment opportunities,” he said.
The conference will be organized yearly to evaluate its outcomes in and out.

“We are delighted for this opportunity as the United States Rwandan Community Abroad USRCA and we plan to host this conference on an annual basis so that we can have measurable outcomes to build on year in and out.” Musiine noted.

The future of our country as a dignified people lies in our hands and it is my priority as the current President of the United States Rwandan Community Abroad to lay a strong foundation for future generations to build on as we continue to serve our country with great zeal and determination,” he added.

Minister of State Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe who also will attend the Young Professionals Conference in Indianapolis, said that ” An empowered youth and a dynamic community abroad will lead the way to the Rwanda we want”

According to Aimé Muyombano, PhD Rwanda Community Abroad Manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation told the conference is expected to bring together Rwandans in Diaspora to share views on accelerating the development of their country.

Rwanda Community Abroad Manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation

He added that the same meeting will be implicated in other diasporas and that MINAFFET is ready to support Rwandans in Rwanda Community Abroad to boost their ideas in building their nation.

Themed ‘The Role of Rwanda’s Young Professionals in Nation Building’ the conference will embark on how Rwandan youth in diaspora can play a significant role in social economic development of Rwanda.

The Express News


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