Rwanda National Centre for Blood Transfusion success was reiterated in a meeting that brought together 19 delegates from blood transfusion institutions from Tanzania and Africa Society for Blood transfusion where the efficiency of the service was also noted a key factor for remarkably reducing maternal mortality.

Blood transfusion service in Rwanda has reached its peak of success with the introduction of drones in blood delivery service. The success of the service is seen as a learning example in the eye of many African countries as it was stated in the meeting where delegates from many African countries such as Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Ghana were the guests.

In his address in the meeting, Dr. Jean Pierre Nyemanzi, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of health said the success of the service lies under pillars of Efficiency, Accountability and supportive government. Other factors of the success of are no denying, blood delivery using drones.
The service was introduced as fast medium of reaching out remotes areas most especially for the case of emergency. The drones which are supplied and controlled by Zipline, an American drone deliveries project in collaboration with a shipping company UPS have now managed to embark on 12 hospitals country wide namely Muhororo, Kabgayi, Nyanza, Gitwe, Gakoma, Gikonko, Kaduha, Kabaya, Shyira, Ruhango, Kirinda and Ruli.

Dr. Jean Pierre Nyemanzi, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of health hosting a group of 19 delegates from blood transfusion institutions from Tanzania and “Africa Society for Blood transfusion” has stressed the impact of drones in blood delivery and informed that over 5000 packages of blood were delivered to 12 hospitals around the country.
“As you probably know Muhanga is the station base of Drones for blood delivery. With the help of the service 5000 blood packages were up to date delivered to 12 hospitals country wide and you know it has proved to be significantly time and money saving ” he said.

Speaking on behalf of Tanzania Ministry of Health; Dr. Muhammad Bakari, a delegate and Chief Medical Officer said : “ we are here to learn from Rwanda’s blood transfusion services’ success entirely bases on voluntary donors”.
He also said the efficiency of blood transfusion service is among key factors that helped Rwanda to drastically reduce maternal mortality a leading factor to the achievement of 4&5 Sustainable Development Goals.
The group of 19 delegates from across the continent in countries like Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa, Egypt , Zimbabwe, Malawi and Ghana is expected to spend a week long stay where further talks on the agenda will be ‘’Assessing the progress on every country and discussion on improvement quality blood transfusion to patients”.

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