Rwanda’s Chief Justice Sam Rugege Monday launched an anti-corruption week dedicated to fighting corruption in the judiciary.

Rugege called on Rwandans to stand up against graft, saying money spent in graft could be allocated to infrastructure development such as construction of roads, schools, and hospitals.
The campaign will involve putting focus on trial of corruption-related cases and sensitization campaigns in courts across the country.
Rugege said 117 corruption-related cases will be tried during the course of the week.
Among the cases to be tried include bribery and mismanagement of government contracts, Rwanda’s Prosecutor General Jean Bosco Mutangana told the same press briefing.
Rugege also urged the public to report corruption cases they encounter among judges, prosecutors, lawyers, or any other public officials.
From 2005 to 2017, 35 judiciary officials, including judges and court registrars, were fired over corruption, according to him.
The number of culprits is decreasing, Rugege said. source : Rwanda podium

The Express News


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