Current research highlights the discovery of mines in plenty in each corner of the country. This the reason why Rwandan government confirmed that will export twice mining products within each two years.

Director of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board Francis Gatare recently said that mining product is still inadequate, and by that changes are being done.

“Our goal is to double exported mining products within each two years “Gatare said

He added: “We and miners have agreed on how we can obtain 400 million  $ within this coming 2 years. Our target is to surpass income of  600 million  $ not later than 5 years.”

Currently, Mining is the second product in exportation in Rwanda which produces much money since its annual income equal to $ 200 million.

Nowadays Rwanda blocked up the exportation of amethyst and aquamarine mines which are used in ornament fabrication.

Rwanda has 537 mine shafts,130 companies and 30 cooperatives ,80 % of miners are experiencing lack of capacity.

The Express News Rwanda


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