Malawi and Rwanda Defence Forces have signed an agreement that will see the military of the two countries work together.

Speaking after the signing of the MOU, MDF Acting Commander, Lieutenant General Clement Namangale, said the development will also involve the two sides conduct joint military exercises thereby improving security within and outside their countries.
General Namangale further said there are a number of areas the two sides need to collaborate on citing natural disasters such as floods that require specialized skills of the military in terms of evacuating people to safety and supplying of basic survival needs such as medication, food and water.
« Our forces will be sharing field experiences and expertise through joint trainings. We have a Joint Permanent Commission which we entered years ago so today we are just formalizing it, » said Namangale.
General Patrick Nyamvumba, Chief of Rwanda Defense Force, said the memorandum will be vital in carrying out humanitarian exercises.
« We have air services such as helicopters and marine services such as boats. It is our obligation to serve citizens in our countries. When natural calamities strike; Our governments must be able to use them. That’s being of good service to the community, » he said.
The relationship between MDF and Rwanda Forces dates back as early as 1994 when MDF soldiers were sent on a peace reinforcement mission during the Hutu and Tutsi clashes that led to a genocide.

The Express News


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