On Tuesday, October 23, 2019, His Excellency President Paul Kagame is 62 years old and has so far completed his term to lead the African Union (AU).

Paul Kagame was born on October 23, 1957. After contributing his significant efforts in liberating Uganda, the country he was living in as a refugee, he managed to lead RPF Inkotanyi, the patriotic army that stopped the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

Many Rwandans and foreigners are wishing Him a Happy Birth Day Party and the same time applauding for the development they met including good health, peace and security, Unity and Reconciliation and more after he liberated the country and stopped the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

After liberating the country and putting an end to the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi until March 23, 2000, Maj.Gen. Paul Kagame was the Vice-President of the Republic of Rwanda and the army leader.

On March 24, 2000, he became the President of the Republic of Rwanda for the interim state, replacing Paster Bizimungu who had then resigned for the leadership.

In 2003, His Excellent Paul Kagame was first elected by the citizens due to significant development he contributed for, and they trusted him for the second mandate in 2010.

Kagame’s achievements focused on finance and economic development as well as the welfare of Rwandans through encouraging foreign investments and promoting politics, business and foreign affairs.

Within the continuous development initiatives, citizens were given various programs such as Girinka Munyarwanda, one laptop per a child, Education for all, Health Insurance or Mituelle de Santé, Agaciro development fund, ending Nyakatsi, and more.

This has contributed to advanced citizens’ welfare as the life expectancy increased to 66 years as per the figures of National Statistics of Rwanda (NSR).

His Excellency President of the Republic of Rwanda was married with Mrs. Jeannette Kagame in 1989 and they have four children at the moment, three sons and one daughter. Their first born is Yvan Cyomoro Kagame, the second born is Ange Ingabire Kagame, Ian Kagame and later Brian Kagame.

Paul Kagame is known to love his citizens of which he is a leader and to encourage his inferiors to count on the interests of citizens before anything else.

The General Family of The Express News wishes Him Happy Birth Day and prosperity.

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