The President of the Republic of Rwanda His Excellency Paul Kagame said that for a country to have security and peace some people must stand up, dedicate themselves for that peace

Kagame delivered this message at Gako Military Training Centre in Bugesera District on November 16, 2019 during the ceremony to give the second leftnants or ‘Sous-Lieutenant’ rank for graduate-soldiers.

President Kagame congratulated 320 young boys and girls who chose this profession and urged them to continue dedicating their efforts and hard working to be more successful.

Among the graduates include some who finish the four-year term in Universities especially in Medicine, Mechanics, sciences and Mathematics and military services. Others have gained so far a-one-year training.

President Kagame reminded participants to this ceremony that Rwandan Armies have special history to liberate the country and push it where it wants to reach in partnership with the citizens.

He said that this specialty is to first protect and preserve achievements by Rwandans as the major assignment.

He said that armies build and protect peace and security that the country needs to sustain development and other common benefits.

“It is pre-requisite that everyone plays his role and much better when we join efforts,” He said.

“All those cannot be achieved for granted, they start from discipline in both current life and professional perspective. They all must be attended to.” He noted.

President Kagame said that to get to sustainable peace requires that those who chose military profession must be always willing to strive for it and dedicate for that.

“They all require efforts, but the training and lessons you have gained were prepared for you, it remains the implementation of all that you have got” Said President Kagame.

“As you leave, eventhough you are going in a holiday but it is like you do not have a holiday; and it is the status of this profession. Whereever you will be either among brothers and sisters, parents, friends and fellows, you will be happy and share happiness but remember that a part of your heart, your thoughts must be always oriented to the responsibilities of your profession at any time you are called. We want the country of peace and most of the times it is not for granted, rather it is worked for by people.” President Kagame highlighted.

President Kagame said that nothing is terrible among these responsibilities as military professionals are first trained theoretically.

He thanked families of these military graduates to allow them participate in these trainings and requested them to continue supporting them along with the responsibilities they are going to perform.

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