PAM Rwanda launched Pan African Movement in African leadership university on this 14 March 2018. In celebration of the black History month at the African Leadership University, an essay and poetry writing competition was held.

Pan Africa Movement Rwanda extended their deeds meanwhile the world is facing issues of Africans who usually die in the water of the sea or in the Sahara Desert trying to cross boarders on the road to Europe or America to look for better life.

On the other hand, PAM and Kupambana (Students Organization in ALU) vow that Africa is the richest Continent, but its inborn still relay on false beliefs that overseas they live with few struggles.

Kupambana members

A Liberian studying in the African Leadership University and The founder of Kupambana, Musa AF Sherif, clarifies that what Africans learn to school lead them to the great desires of living Abroad, for him the curriculum must be changed.

Vice Chair of The Pan African Movement Umulisa Henriette reminded everyone to always remembering Core values of PAM Equality which are;patriotism, unity of purpose and shared ideology.

More than 22,500 migrants have reportedly died or disappeared globally since 2014 – more than half of them perishing while attempting to cross the Mediterranean, according to a study by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

Expressing alarm at the situation, UNHCR reported that 3,740 lives had been lost so far in 2016, just short of the 3,771 reported for the whole of 2015.

A clampdown on Europe’s eastern borders has forced migrants to choose more dangerous routes as the death toll in the Mediterranean continues to rise despite a drop in the overall number of arrivals, data compiled by the UN’s migration agency shows.

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