Manzi Jimmy André, Rwandan-American based in Colorado State is currently a coach of Colorado Rush football team. His dream as he told this news website is to see Amavubi, Rwanda’s national football team selling its players in Europe and United States of America (USA).

Manzi was recently in Rwanda in August 2020 for a visit aiming to develop football game starting from young people in football Academy.
In his conversation with The Express News, Manzi said that he currently helps orphans and children from vulnerable families and others with significant passions in Soccer where he cultivates them to the international level.

“This helps them to have fruitful results when they go to Europe and America, and hopefully they get financial gains which also impact their mother country. We plan to use the income from the sold players and from entire activities to support widowers-women and orphans of the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994 so that they boost self reliance. ” Manzi said.
“At the moment, I used the opportunity I have in USA to come and establish ‘Manzi Soccer Rush Academy’ in Rwanda; which will help us to achieve all those activities. I also visited Marine FC of which I was the captain. The aim of visiting it was to plan together how we can help raise performance and I was recognizing that it played a role to make me who I am and to help me reach where I am today.” He added.
So far, Manzi brought Uniforms to Marine FC and plans to extend partnership with them in the future.
He appreciates the development of Rwanda’s Football as players are very passionate with the game and are really willing to grow up.

He also appreciates the performance of coaches and the efforts of Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) in training them. He said that the stadiums are also advanced.
However, Manzi says that Rwanda’s football game is still backward as team managers were not trained to hold the positions they have.

He gives advice to promote youth without looking on their own interests of being led by feelings. He also tells every football team to have an academy at development level.

Manzi says that his dreams on Africa and Rwanda’s football are wide.
“My dreams are first and foremost oriented to my mother country. I wish that we can have football academies that promote professional players. My dreams in 2 or 3 years are to see Amavubi with at least 25 players in Europe, America and elsewhere. I want to see our football clubs at performing levels; I want our country to be among the top performing countries in Africa’s soccer.” He said.

Special recognitions

Manzi recognizes efforts of His Excellency Paul Kagame who loves and promotes Sports in Rwanda. He is also thankful to former Marine FC President, Filemon Bayingana, and the current leader Richard Karasira who used to follow on him and advise him in terms of good discipline.

“I thank and ask Rwandans to help me owe thanks to Tim Schulz, president and CEO of Colorado Rush, Joeb Webb, the coach and Directeur Technique of sports for their efforts in helping children to raise their talents, and they decided to help African children, starting from those of Rwanda. They did all of those activities without putting forward own interests; I thank them for the trust they gave me when they let me present my talents in my childhood. I owe thanks to Musine, the President of Diaspora in America and his vice president Muvunyi as well as youth in America for their constructive pieces of advice. ” he said.

He called other young Rwandans living abroad and residents of Rwanda to be patriotic as the main pathway to reaching the dreams. “I also call up on other leaders in the country to give us a time and hear from what we plan for our country.” He added.
Manzi concluded by calling his fellow Rwandans living abroad to gather efforts together on behalf of their mother country, Rwanda, requesting them to stand up and compile knowledge, available opportunities from their host countries to come and support Rwanda’s development.
“As we all join efforts as youths, we will reach to the development of Africa and build Rwanda we want.” He noted.

The Express News


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