As the fight to break chains of supply of illicit drugs continues in different parts of the country, Police reached out to the Muslim youth in Rwamagana District and urged them to equally be deterrents to effectively end the vice.
While addressing about 170 youngsters on October 22, the Imam of the Eastern Province, Sheikh Djumaine Kamanzi, challenged the youngsters to be innovative and desist from criminal acts like dealing or abusing narcotic drugs.
He reminded them that security is their light to their development and wellbeing.
“As Muslim, believers and Rwandans, security is the responsibility of us all. Police and other security organs are here to ensure the wellbeing of every one, and that becomes the duty of each one of us to sustain and build on what has been achieved,” the Imam said.
He also urged them to form cooperatives to be able to make “bigger business gains” rather than engaging in wrongdoings.
Inspector of Police (IP) Marie Goreth Uwimana, the District Community Liaison Officer of Rwamagana, while commending the role the youth particularly play in security and development related matters, reminded them of the menace psychotropic substances cause to users, dealers and even the security of the community.
“Illicit drugs have far reaching ill-effects to individual, the community and the country in general. It is an issue of security concern, affects the economy in a way of wasting your money in criminal business, and education,” said IP Uwimana.
She further enlightened them on the concept of community policing, which also empowers them to fight and prevent all sorts of crime, through information sharing with security organs.
“Wherever you walk, know that you are equally custodians of the law. Security should be your responsibility, and that empowers you to report anyone your witness or suspect to be dealing in drugs or involved in any criminal acts,” she added.
Rwamagana is said to be one of the transit routes in the Eastern Province, for drug traffickers, to Kigali and other parts of the country.
One of the youth, Hassan Karinganire also asked the colleagues to be the voice and agents of safety and security through partnership and sharing information with the Police.

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