Clémentine Mukandayisenga is a young entrepreneur whose life has changed drastically due to produce of wine and juice from sugar cane.

Mukandayisenga used to sell sugarcanes at an early age with an idea of starting her own business after secondary studies but didn’t find a way at first due to lack of capital.

As a Kamonyi based citizen, “I understood that I can create a successful agribusiness from the villages where the resources would be cheap, however, the investment was not enough for me to start my entrepreneurship journey.

Despite, the challenges of starting micro-investment close relatives approached her with the support of the processor machine worth 3.5 million Rwandan francs.

Mukandayisenga confirmed that after receiving this machine she become so excited because it was her first time to have such an asset of that amount as she had never had even two hundred thousand Rwandan francs before.

She confirms that the investment boomed and enabled to pay a 3.5 million Rwf of loan within 8 months as an investment fetched from trade expos.

Mukangayisenga cites expansion of her business from Kamonyi, Rubavu and Kigali as a great stride.

Her assets now worth 8 million Rwandan francs increasing from 340 litres to 3,000 litres of sugar cane juice which is supplied in the Kigali markets.

Advice to the Youth

“Let’s have confidence in ourselves. Never undermine your ability. Don’t think that certain jobs are impossible or shameful; a girl selling sugarcanes as I started is very fine.” She advised.


Her father and neighbours did not grasp well the move of a girl engaging in agribusiness since culturally women are expected to stay home and men work for them.

The Express News


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